ZF series servo energy-saving injection molding machine (50T-2500T)

ZF series servo energy-saving injection molding machine (50T-2500T)

Zhenfei ZF series servo energy-saving injection molding machine has achieved good market reputation and market share since its launch. The shape and operation of the whole machine are continuously optimized and have a more user-friendly design. After long-term collection of feedback from customers, implementation of various safety standards, analysis and development of designers, experience in manufacturing and production, improvement and improvement of material technology, the speed of unlocking molds is faster and more stable. The rigidity and strength of the whole machine have been greatly improved.

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Product Details

Clamping mechanism

The new design of the clamping mechanism, after finite element analysis, optimizes the structure, reduces stress and improves the rigidity of the template.

1.Box front template, the internal reinforcement is distributed reasonably;

2.The moving template is more solid and the supporting hole distance is increased;

3.After the template is more detailed, the rigidity is better;


Electric control system

The world's leading brand servo system, equipped with advanced computer controller for injection molding machine, the whole machine control system adopts full digital control, intuitive and quick access to all data, and high controllability.

1.It is equipped with advanced professional computer controller for injection molding machine. The whole machine control system adopts full digital control, with good controllability and high reliability.

2.Optimize the superposition and switching mode of the system power combination to maximize energy saving and improve response speed.

3.The software features more powerful, the injection molding machine's scalability is good, can provide gas-assisted, robotic and other expansion support.

4.Built-in multiple sets of mold molding process parameter access system, easy to manage molds in the factory, can quickly transfer mold parameters, production preparation work at high speed and efficiency.

5.Support multi-language (Chinese, English, Japanese, German, Russian, etc.), customers in different countries operate the machine.

6.The button and shortcut keys are clearly marked, convenient for customer operations.


Electric control system

Energy saving, high efficiency, low noise

For the optimization and improvement of the servo system, determine the better combination configuration, the well-known special motor and imported high-pressure gear pump, with the third generation servo system built by Huichuan servo drive, can achieve low noise, strong power, fast response, energy saving rate Up to 20%-80%.

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