What to pay attention to before starting and stopping the vertical injection molding machine


Items to be checked when starting up the vertical injec […]

Items to be checked when starting up the vertical injection molding machine:

1. Check of operating oil: determine whether the amount of operating oil of the vertical injection molding machine is between the low limit and the high limit of the oil gauge. Whether the amount of oil in the automatic lubricator for crank lubrication is appropriate.

2. Inspection of cooling water: make sure that there is no leakage in the cooling water piping system of the vertical injection molding machine, and whether the amount of water is sufficient to maintain the normal cold cutting effect.

3. Temperature opening and inspection: make sure that the electric heating on the dryer, barrel, and mold is normal, especially the temperature of the barrel of the vertical injection molding machine reaches the set temperature, and the direction of injection, loosening and twisting is performed.

4. Inspection of the door and guide rod: to determine whether the opening and closing of the door of the vertical injection molding machine are normal, and whether the contact between the door and the switches and the pressure relief valve is normal. Confirm whether the position of the guide rod is appropriate and whether it is locked.

Whether the red emergency stop buttons on the front and rear operation boxes work normally is up to the user.

5. Inspection of the lubrication device: Whether the grease quantity of the grease nipple is sufficient, whether the time setting of the lubricator is appropriate, and whether the pipeline of the lubricating device is unblocked.

6. Inspection of movable parts: Every movable part of a vertical injection molding machine needs to be properly lubricated, and the impurities and dust in the movable part shall be wiped away, and the movable friction surface shall be kept smooth and clean, and the tools shall not be placed On the movable part, to prevent damage to the machine during operation.

7. Inspection of low pressure mold closing device of vertical injection molding machine: Correctly adjust low pressure mold closing device to mold.

8. Check other conditions: whether the temperature, pressure, speed, time, distance, etc. of various settings are appropriate.

9. Inspection of empty car operation: Fully automatic operation can be carried out at a lower pressure, and the empty car can run for about 10-30 minutes. After a continuous stable condition, the operation can be carried out.

10. Check for abnormal sound: record normal operation sound and oil pressure pump sound, then you can know abnormal phenomena such as filter blockage, suction, internal wear, etc. The hum of the solenoid valve is related to the impurities in the inner shaft , The hum of the relay and electromagnetic contactor indicates that there are stolen goods and dust between the contact points. Examining the causes of various abnormal sounds will be a great help to the prevention of damage.

Items to be checked when the vertical injection molding machine is shut down:

1. Close the hopper gate, reduce or turn off the hopper heating (depending on the length of the downtime). Finish the injection of the plastic in the material pipe, especially the more acidic and corrosive materials.

2. Clean and wipe the mold of the vertical injection molding machine and do anti-rust treatment (depending on the length of the downtime).

3. When the machine is stopped, if the mold is not removed, do not straighten the hand.

4. Turn off the cold cutting water and cut off the power supply.

5. Vertical injection molding machine platform cleaning inspection, etc.