What are the factors that determine the quality of the product of the vertical injection molding machine


High-speed production of vertical injection molding mac […]

High-speed production of vertical injection molding machines requires large thin-walled speeds; we need speed curves for thick-walled parts to avoid some defects; to ensure that the quality of the parts meets the standards, the injection speed should be set to keep the flow rate of the melt forward unchanged. The speed of body flow is important because it affects the orientation of the molecular arrangement and the surface state of the part.


Vertical injection molding machine When the front of the melt reaches the cross-region structure, it should be slowed down; for the complexity of traditional radial diffusion and molds, the melt throughput should be balanced to increase; the long channel is filled quickly to reduce the cooling of the melt , But the injection of high-viscosity materials, such as PC, is an exception, because too fast the cold material will enter the cavity through the inlet. Adjusting the speed of the vertical injection molding machine can help the occurrence of defects. Because at the entrance to slow down the flow caused. When the melt flows through the nozzle and reaches the front surface of the inlet channel, the melt may have been cooled and solidified, or due to the sudden narrowing of the stagnation channel of the melt, enough pressure is established to pass to the melt outlet, and its peak shape will be The pressure appears through the water inlet.

High pressure will damage the material and cause some surface defects such as flow marks and scorching of the water inlet. In this development situation, we can also service the above problems through the method of slowing down just before the water inlet. This deceleration time can effectively prevent excessive shear at the water inlet, and then set the rate of fire to the original tree value. Because there is no management to control the rate of fire to slow down at the water inlet, it is important to slow down, so decelerating at the end of the flow channel is a better solution.


We can avoid reducing defects such as flanging, scorching, trapped gas by controlling the speed of sizing. The deceleration at the end of filling can prevent overfilling of voids, avoid flanging, and reduce residual stress. Trapped gas caused by poor exhaust or bad problems of vertical injection molding machine flow through the end can also be solved by reducing the exhaust speed, especially It is the exhaust speed of a section of spray glue.