Servo energy saving brings new opportunities to the injection molding industry


With the increasing attention to the energy problem of […]

With the increasing attention to the energy problem of injection molding machines, energy saving and consumption reduction are the basic national policy of the country, and cost reduction and efficiency enhancement are the core of corporate competition. Energy saving of injection molding machines has become more and more important. Designing and manufacturing a new generation of "energy-saving" injection molding machines has become an urgent issue that needs attention and solutions. The development of servo energy-saving injection molding machines has become a new opportunity for the rapid development of the injection molding industry. The servo energy-saving injection molding machine can not only save resources and reduce costs, but also improve quality and improve working conditions. However, in the cost structure of injection molding products, electricity costs account for a considerable proportion. According to the requirements of injection molding machine equipment technology, traditional injection molding machine oil pumps Motor power consumption accounts for 80-90% of the entire equipment power consumption.

At present, servo energy-saving technology has been successfully applied to injection molding machines, which can save energy up to 80% compared to ordinary fixed-pressure pump injection molding machines, up to 50% compared to variable pumps, and improve production efficiency by more than 10%. Injection molding machine manufacturers Mass production has begun and will quickly become the mainstream product at home.

The servo energy-saving transformation of the ordinary injection molding machine that is being used will also be urgent. The advantages of nearly full motor such as increasing production, energy saving, and consumption reduction will allow customers of injection molding machines to reduce costs, beautify the working environment, and continuously increase in other costs. Today, I believe it will be popular (energy-saving technology is also one of IE improvement actions). In the development of injection molding machine manufacturing and use, energy saving is eternal.

The traditional injection molding machine is an open loop oil metering pump and an asynchronous motor system; asynchronous motors do not stop when they are turned on. There are many programs for injection molding machine operation, and each program also has different powers in stages. There is a large gap between these operating pressures and flow rates; while the motor oil pump is quantitative, and the displacement is always the maximum output, except for sol and rubber injection. In addition to the larger holding pressure, the others will be larger or smaller, but where is the power output of the motor oil pump? In addition to the required actions, all the overflow valves and throttles flowed back to the injection molding machine mailbox, which caused most of the waste. Secondly, the injection molding machine is not working during the cooling of the product, but the motor oil pump is still the maximum power output. All the overflow valve and throttle valve flow to the mailbox, which is all a waste. And it is open loop control stability is not as good as closed loop control.