Product features of thermosetting BMC injection molding machine


1. General performance: BMC injection molding machine m […]

1. General performance: BMC injection molding machine mold plastic (DMC) has a large proportion between 3-2.1; the product has a bright appearance, good hand feel, and a hard and heavy feeling; heating with fire will produce a large amount of oil smoke and styrene odor; Some varieties of BMC mold plastic (DMC) are difficult to burn, but some varieties are extremely flammable, leaving inorganic substances after burning.


2. Dimensional stability: The linear expansion coefficient BMC molding compound (DMC) is less than the average thermoplastic, thereby making the BMC molding compound (DMC), which has high dimensional stability and dimensional accuracy. The temperature has little effect on the dimensional stability of the BMC molding compound (DMC), but the humidity is more serious. BMC swells when the water molds the plastic. The BMC molding compound (DMC) and steel and aluminum have very close linear expansion coefficients. , So it can be complicated.


3. BMC injection molding machine design strength: BMC molding compound (DMC) tensile, bending, impact strength and other properties are significantly higher than other thermoplastic engineering plastics, creep resistance is also better than thermoplastic analysis plastics.

4. Water resistance and solvent resistance: BMC mold plastic (DMC) has good corrosion resistance to water, ethanol, aliphatic hydrocarbons, oils, but to ketones, chlorinated hydrocarbons, aromatic hydrocarbons, acids and alkalis, etc.. BMC mold plastic (DMC) has a low water absorption rate, and its thermal insulation performance is still very good after soaking for one day.


5. Heat resistance: The heat resistance of the molded BMC compound (DMC) is better than that of general engineering plastics. The heat distortion temperature at 200-280°C (HDT) is at 130°C for long-term use.


6. Aging resistance: The aging resistance performance of BMC molding compound (DMC) can be very good. It can be used for indoor design for 15-20 years, and its strength and retention rate are more than 60% after 10 years of outdoor exposure.


7. Electrical performance: BMC mold plastic (DMC) has the most outstanding arc resistance, up to about 190 seconds.