Some basic ideas necessary for the maintenance of injection molding machines

Some basic ideas necessary for the maintenance of injection molding machines

Summary:The core of the maintenance work of the injection molding machine is the judgment of the fault and t...

The core of the maintenance work of the injection molding machine is the judgment of the fault and the handling of the fault. It involves a wide range of knowledge, a large degree of complexity, and a certain depth (such as comprehensive professional knowledge). It is necessary to have basic knowledge of mechanical equipment maintenance, basic knowledge of hydraulic maintenance, and basic knowledge of electrical maintenance. In fact, the maintenance work of the injection molding machine is hard, but it is a process of continuous learning and progress. As long as you master the basic working principle of the injection molding machine and master the basic working methods, regardless of the various models, you can explore a set of repairs. Work procedures come to ensure the normal operation of the injection molding machine.

The maintenance worker must first understand and master the contents of the operating instructions of the injection molding machine, familiarize with and master the mechanical parts, circuits and oil paths of the injection molding machine, and understand the working process of the mechanical, electrical and oil circuits of the injection molding machine during normal operation. Master the inspection and maintenance methods of electrical components and hydraulic components. Clear normal working conditions and abnormal working conditions to avoid time-consuming misjudgment and mis-disassembly.

Maintenance work must be aware of the operation of the equipment and the basic knowledge of injection molding, and the correct use of the injection molding machine. If you do not know how to operate the injection molding machine, it is very difficult to repair the work, and it may be unreliable to judge the fault. The circuit board and electrical components in the injection molding machine are affected by high temperature, environment and time for a long time. The working point of the device is offset and the aging degree of components is within the normal range. Therefore, debugging the injection molding machine is also one of the essential skills in the maintenance work. Knowing the working procedures of the injection molding machine, debugging the electronic circuit of the injection molding machine and the hydraulic oil circuit are very important links.

The maintenance work must be accurate, reliable and timely. The contents of the instruction manual of each type of injection molding machine must be studied and mastered. In the general maintenance process, the maintenance idea is usually the circuit-oil path-mechanical component action. The adjustment work is reversed. If the mechanical action and the clamping pressure are insufficient, you can go to the oil circuit and the circuit. If the circuit output is normal, adjust the oil valve.

If the oil circuit works normally, adjust the circuit board. Of course, the final adjustment, but the three are interdependent and mutually control. Proper use of instrumentation, adjustment of detection circuits, maintenance of oil circuits, debugging of the position and movement of mechanical parts is an important means of determining faults.

General injection molding machine manufacturers only give the electrical block diagram of the equipment, the block diagram of the oil circuit and the main part of the machine, which is not enough for maintenance work. Attention must be paid to the collection and collation of relevant information in daily maintenance work. Such as electrical, electronic, mechanical spare parts, oil circuits, electromagnetic valve body and other aspects of information. For example, if there is an opportunity in the electrical field, it is necessary to map the schematic circuit diagram, the schematic diagram of the electronic board and the actual wiring diagram, and measure the relevant equipment such as the terminal, so as to provide accurate judgment and analysis for the fault during maintenance. The detection point goes.

The specific parameters of the detection point are measured. When necessary, you must also make your own power supply, simulate input and output signals, perform simulation tests or adjustments, and master and obtain first-hand maintenance data, such as parameters of working points at various levels.

The same is true for oil circuit maintenance, which must be comprehensively adjusted and repaired according to the characteristics of the oil circuit and hydraulic pressure solenoid valve. There are opportunities to disassemble, clean, inspect, and install solenoid valves. These treatments can cause a lot of trouble, but they are crucial.

The maintenance work must master and sort out the principle of conformity, the logic system fault repair method and the judgment procedure diagram. In combination with the actual maintenance work, collect the relevant information of the injection molding machine, such as fault handling, the method has step-by-step inspection method, simulation inspection method, Various methods such as voltage test method, continuity test method, and circuit board replacement method. After repairing, it is necessary to re-adjust the working point, re-adjust the test, carry out the load test, and make the equipment work within the parameters of the data listed in the operation manual.