How would you solve the oil leakage of the injection molding machine?


Injection molding machine leakage can be divided into i […]

Injection molding machine leakage can be divided into internal leakage and external leakage. Internal leakage means that a small amount of liquid inside the hydraulic component leaks from the high pressure cavity to the low pressure cavity. The greater the internal leakage, the greater the heat generation of the components, which can be controlled by debugging the hydraulic components to reduce the wear of the components. It can also reduce and eliminate internal leakage through innovative maintenance design of hydraulic components.

The reasons for external leakage are roughly as follows:

First, there is slack at the pipe joint or the sealing ring is damaged, which should be handled by tightening the joint or replacing the sealing ring;

Second, there is external leakage at the joint surface of the component, mainly due to the tightening screw pre-tightening force Insufficient and damaged seal ring, at this time should increase the pre-tightening force or replace the seal ring;

Third, because the internal pressure of the element housing is higher than the allowable pressure of the oil seal or the oil seal is damaged, it may cause external leakage. The internal pressure of the shell is reduced or the oil seal is replaced.

The fourth is external leakage at the common dynamics, such as external leakage due to poor installation of the piston rod and valve stem, low pre-pressure of the V-shaped sealing ring, or damaged oil seal. The oil seal should be replaced in time, and the pre-tightening force of the V-shaped sealing ring should be adjusted. Fifth, oil leakage occurs in the oil tank level gauge. This situation is caused by water leaking into the oil or oil leaking into the water. It should be repaired in time To deal with it.