How to use BMC injection molding machine correctly


Pay attention to point one, check whether the safety pr […]

Pay attention to point one, check whether the safety protection device of each part of the BMC injection molding machine is intact.

When using BMC injection molding machine, please pay attention to point two. Check and test whether emergency stop and various safety protection alarms can work correctly and correctly. The safety door should slide flexibly, and the stop position during opening and closing should be in proper contact with the limit switch.

Pay attention to point three. When maintaining the injection molding machine, check the parts according to the drawing. Even if there is no special instruction, check it when entering the warehouse.

Note four: Clean up the surroundings of the equipment that produces BMC injection molding machines, and do not store any items that are not related to production.

Attention point five, check whether the circuit wiring and grounding wire of the equipment are loose.

Note six: The tools used in production must be clean and neat.

The above are the six points of attention when using BMC injection molding machines, but it is more worthy of attention that the daily maintenance of injection molding machines must be carried out carefully and carefully to ensure that the mold is always in the best state.