How to repair the balers that cannot be heated?


First check whether it can be vacuumed. If it can be va […]

First check whether it can be vacuumed. If it can be vacuumed, then check whether the heating wire is heated. If the heating wire is not heated, check whether the contactor that controls the heating wire is sucked.
(Or force the contactor to suck and see if the heating wire is hot) Replace the heating wire without heating.
Also check whether the heating time relay of the baler is intact, and see what the set time of the heating time relay is.

In addition, analyze whether the following reasons exist:
First: Maybe you have replaced the packing belt. The original packing belt was thicker, but the current one is too thin. The ironing head of the semi-automatic packing machine cannot be fully in place. Solution: readjust the position of the ironing head.

Second: It may be that the position of the ironing head of the semi-automatic packing machine is off-track or the joint of the packing belt is a little off. Correct it.

Third: It has something to do with the material of the strap. Maybe your batch of strap raw materials contains more ingredients. Now the main component of the strap on the market is polypropylene, commonly known as pp. The pp content of a better packing tape should exceed 95%. Other components are more complicated, such as blending inorganic fillers such as calcium carbonate, talc, wollastonite, and glass fiber. If there are more ingredients, the hot melt viscosity will be poor. It is recommended that you ask the supplier to provide matching parameters.
If all the above problems are eliminated, then the machine can only be judged as aging or replacement parts.