A brief introduction of automatic mold temperature control machine


The automatic mold temperature control machine is also […]

The automatic mold temperature control machine is also called the mold temperature controller. There is also a lot of room for the application of the mold temperature controller in the die-casting industry, especially in the manufacture of magnesium alloys and aluminum alloys. Uneven or inappropriate mold temperatures will cause the size of the castings to be uneven. Stable, the ejection of the casting deforms during the production process, resulting in defects such as thermal pressure, mold sticking, surface depression, internal shrinkage and hot bubbles.
Mold temperature controller, the temperature controller of the mold temperature controller adopts touch-type internal storage, automatic calculation, accurate and reliable, and can be controlled within plus or minus 2 degrees Celsius, saving more than 35% of electricity; two sets of electric heating inside the flat mold temperature machine The pipes can be used at the same time, which improves work efficiency to a certain extent. The time for heating and cooling of the machine is accelerated, and the temperature is locked, which provides a favorable guarantee for enterprise processing and production. The heating tube and body of the mold temperature control machine are made of stainless steel, which has good corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, which effectively prolongs the use time of the machine. The safety protection and fault system performance is good. It can alarm in time to avoid the danger of accidents. The automatic mold temperature control machine adopts imported components, has a long service life, and is simple and convenient to operate and maintain. It adopts one-button operation and does not require special personnel from the company to take care of it.Automatic mold temperature controllers are divided into water-type mold temperature controllers and oil-type mold temperature controllers. The power of the ordinary water heating series is 6KW-30KW and the temperature is 30℃-120℃; the power of the ordinary oil heating series is 6KW-72KW and the temperature is 30℃- 200℃; high temperature water heating series power 6KW-120KW temperature 120℃-180℃; high temperature oil heating series power 18KW-120KW temperature 250℃-350℃.

Safety protection system of automatic mold temperature controller:
1. Lack of media protection-oil/water alarm indication
2. Phase sequence detection-phase lack and reverse phase alarm indication
3. Pump overload-pump overload alarm indication
4. Stuck alarm-abnormal heating alarm indication
5. Pipeline blockage-BY-PASS pressure relief circuit
6. Exhaust function-automatic exhaust below 80 degrees
7. Pressure monitoring-automatic power off when pressure is abnormal
8. Abnormal temperature-automatic cooling by over-temperature alarm
9. Short circuit of power supply-air switch power-off protection
10. Emergency stop switch-emergency stop button