Commissioning of injection molding


The steps for debugging injection molded products are a […]

The steps for debugging injection molded products are as follows:
1. Set the barrel temperature to the appropriate temperature of the injected plastic. After reaching the set temperature for 15 minutes, you can continue working.
2. Open the barrel cover for feeding, and cover the barrel cover after feeding. For injection molding machines equipped with automatic feeders, feed the hopper according to the requirements of the feeder operation.
3. Set the pre-molding end position, pre-molding back pressure and screw speed according to the quality of the product, the density of the raw materials and the injection amount; set the relevant parameters of injection and holding pressure according to the molding requirements.
4. Start the oil pump motor and press the mold clamping until the mold clamping is completed.
5. Press the "shot holder advance" key to move the injection holder forward. Pay attention to the control nozzle and the mold gate slowly close.
6. Press the "pre-speed" key, the screw will rotate pre-speed, and the material will stop automatically after retreating to the set position (the nozzle of the plastic needs to leave the mold when pre-plasticizing)
7. Press the "Inject" button to start the injection. After the end, switch to holding pressure to the end.
8. Release the "Inject" button and press the "Pre-plasticize" button to start storage of the next mold.
9. When the cooling time is enough, press the "open mold" button, press the "eject" button after opening the mold, open the safety door and take out the product.
10. Observe the molding quality of the product and adjust the relevant parameters in a targeted manner. Repeat steps 3 and 9 until a qualified product is made.
11. After the products pass the inspection, the semi-automatic or full-automatic procedure can be started, and the batch manufacturing can be carried out.


Related work after commissioning:
1. After the injection is completed, turn off the barrel electric heating system, close the baffle, and clear the remaining molten material in the barrel (several injections to the air)
2. Manually carry out mold clamping at low pressure, and return the injection seat and screw to the stop position.
3. Turn off the oil pump motor, cut off all power, and the work is completely finished.