Choice of injection molding machine


Which aspects of the injection molding machine should b […]

Which aspects of the injection molding machine should be selected

1. Know your own production capacity and purchase an injection machine that matches the required production capacity. The equipment is for production. Then it must reach the capacity required by the production process so that it can meet the production requirements. Therefore, Qingdao injection molding machine must first adapt its production capacity to ensure that production can create sufficient benefits.

2. Understand whether the precision of the injection molding machine product meets the production requirements. The products produced by different plastic manufacturers are different, and the fineness of different products is also different. Buyers should pay attention to the fineness requirements when purchasing injection molding machines.

3. Understand the requirements for injection machine repair and maintenance. Some foreign injection molding machine parts are unique to domestic and foreign manufacturers, which will affect future maintenance work. And if accessories or oils are easily available in China, the maintenance of that equipment will be better started.

4. Understand the material of the injection machine. A large part of the service life of a device depends on the material of the device. Understanding the material characteristics of the device can better understand the device.