Advantages and disadvantages of BMC injection molding machine hydraulic transmission system


Among the current four transmission methods (mechanical […]

Among the current four transmission methods (mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic), none of the power transmission methods is perfect. The hydraulic transmission of BMC injection molding machine has the following obvious advantages:

(1) From the structural point of view, the output power per unit weight and output power per unit size of the four transmission modes are force-pressure type, and the torque-inertia is relatively large. In the case of transmitting the same power, the hydraulic transmission device has the characteristics of small size, light weight, small inertia, compact structure and flexible layout.

(2) Stepless adjustment in performance, speed, torque and power, fast response, speed change, speed range up to 100:1 to 200:1.

(3) From the point of view of use and maintenance, the components have good self-lubrication, easy to achieve overload protection and pressure retention, safe and reliable; components are easy to achieve serialization, standardization and generalization.

(4) BMC injection molding machines with hydraulic technology have good safety and reliability. (5) Economic: The hydraulic technology is highly plastic and variable, which can increase the flexibility of flexible production, and it is easy to replace and adjust the production process. The manufacturing cost of hydraulic components is low and the adaptability is strong. (6) The combination of hydraulic technology and microcomputer control technology has become the world's development trend, forming the integration of "machine-electric-liquid-light", which is convenient for digitization.

Disadvantages of hydraulic transmission: everything is divided into two, hydraulic transmission is no exception: (1) hydraulic transmission due to the inevitable leakage of the relative moving surface and the fact that the oil is not completely incompressible, plus the elastic deformation of the oil pipe, etc. Transmission ratio, so it can not be used in the machine tool in-line transmission chain. Such as processing helical gears. (2) There are losses, partial losses and leakage losses in the process of oil flow, the transmission efficiency is low, and it is not suitable for long-distance transmission. (3) The BMC injection molding machine has certain difficulties in using hydraulic transmission devices under high and low temperature conditions. (4) In order to prevent oil leakage and meet certain performance requirements, the manufacturing accuracy requirements of hydraulic components are high, which brings certain difficulties to use and maintenance. (5) Faults are difficult to detect, especially the units where hydraulic technology is not popular, often hindering the further promotion and application of hydraulic technology.